Work in progress:

Environmental policy interaction and cross-media substitution

Extreme weather events and electricity supply vulnerability

Working papers :

Growing the economy with green regulation: evidence from industrial firm productivity in China (with Jacquelyn Pless)

Journal articles:

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Policy reports:

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Selected media:

La Vanguardia, Nada puede salvar los combustibles fósiles, March 2022

Eco Voice, Fossil fuel industry can't rely on carbon capture and bioenergy to save its assets, February 2022

Forbes, China just promised to go carbon neutral by 2060. How important is that? September 2020

The Telegraph, The Independent, Evening Standard, The Daily Mail and more than 200 UK local outlets by the Press Association, France, Ireland, Middle East, China, Netherland and other international medias, BBC South Today, a local Chinese TV, We still don’t know if warmer weather slows down the spread of COVID-19, July 2020

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Nature Energy, Joule, Environment and Development Economics, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies